DSCN0013Chris Rose is a group psychotherapist , supervisor and consultant working in private practice and higher education. She has extensive experience in counselling and psychotherapy training, and has written The Personal Development Group: The Student’s Guide, and is the editor of Self Awareness and Personal Development: Resources for psychotherapists and counsellors. She is also an urban sketcher and printmaker.

So says the author autobiography taken from my latest book – ‘Psychogeography and Psychotherapy: connecting pathways’. I am really pleased that this book includes illustrations by some very talented urban sketchers, bringing together words and images in the ways that I have been trying to do here in this blog.

Professionally I have always been fascinated by groups and their therapeutic potential, and absolutely convinced of the fundamental shaping power of relationships – including those with our environments and contexts. Urban sketching and an interest in psychogeography have been other important means to explore this conviction; who we are depends upon the context of others, set in a context of place and environment.

The blog is an opportunity to share seemingly random thoughts in words and images. The process of writing itself brings new insights and the possibility of them becoming a conversation with you, the reader. The images communicate in their own way and again invite a response, I hope.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Claudia McGill

    I love your blog. Not just the art component but the thoughtful discussions. Especially the “home” topics, those mean a lot to me. Including the trash can post! Thank you for your work.

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