DSCN0013‘Chris Rose is a psychotherapist, supervisor and consultant working in private practice and higher education. She has extensive experience in counselling and psychotherapy training as a teacher, group facilitator and course director. ‘

So says the blurb on the back of my second book, Self Awareness and Personal Development. Along with  The Personal Development Group: The Student’s Guide, it gives a good flavour of what interests me professionally. I do only a small amount of client work now, but am still very involved in groups, supervision, personal development and writing. I currently edit the Reviews section on ‘Therapy Today’, which gives me an excellent opportunity to keep up to date with professional publications as well as enjoying writing and reading a diverse range of reviews, including films!

I’ve also written an online, week by week account of a fictional long term therapy group that can be found here  – The Wednesday Group  www.thewednesdaygroup.com . There is something magical in writing fiction, where the characters take up their own story and  surprise me by their words and actions. It has become very much a real group in that way, and I hope you will read it and become just as hooked as I am!

This blog grew out of that experience. I liked the idea of having some sort of forum to write short pieces about things that interested me, particularly my growing fascination with sketching and its relationship with psychotherapy. I’ve already written a fair number of articles about group psychotherapy, lurking somewhere in the archives of www.therapytoday.net  but this is the place to put down the random ideas I keep having about  how to draw in line as well as words, what happens when people work together in groups, the impact of colour and tone… and so on.  I hope some of them might turn into conversations with you. Yes, you!




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Claudia McGill

    I love your blog. Not just the art component but the thoughtful discussions. Especially the “home” topics, those mean a lot to me. Including the trash can post! Thank you for your work.

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